Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Part of my responsibility as an IT manager is to assist in the development of our website - which means testing to some degree. So whenever a new browser comes out, I end up having to load it and have a bit of a play to see that everything works on it.

I downloaded the latest version of flock a few days ago and had a quick look at all the relevant pages and everything seemed to work, so i was relatively impressed.

Straight away, you start to see some quite nice little touch like the fact that there are some nice little icons that on the address bar that light up when a page has any kind of useful elements like an rss news feed , searchability or a media stream. In addition there are some cool features like the media stream bar and the web clips which i am loving already.

But it wasn't until i set up my blogger , flickr and magnolia accounts within flock that i started to see the genius of this browser. It makes managing on line resources really easy, as i have signed up to magnolia or i have access to my favourite links, and as it has flickr i can easily upload, download and manage my digital images and with support for a number of blogs i can easily, view, edit and amend my blogs.

I'm sure there are other browsers that have similar functions, but this one seems to do it really nicely.