Thursday, 15 November 2007

Data Recovery

Last weekend i spent several hours taking some digital photos and stored them on a data stick. Got home from the office and to my horror saw the statement "no disk in drive please place a disk in drive- e and retry".

I tried not to panic and wend and dug out my old data recovery disks like Norton Utilities , Tech tools and Disk Warrior. They all seemed to see the data stick and said it was unformatted. After reformatting - i checked the health of the disk and all looked well so i asked it to start data recovery.

About an hour later it cheerfully proclaimed that no files could be recovered. So i guess that old school disk recovery tools are no good with flash memory.

Sure that there must still be something on the disk somewhere i did a bit of 'googling' and sent a few emails to friends and found a new generation of disk recovery tools. After a quick file download i manged to install 'PhotoRecover' and found 141 files on the disk, all of which were recovered within a few minutes. And off i went with my 'photoshopping'.

Another product that was recommended was 'handy data recovery' both seem to work very well with recovering files that you have deleted from you digital camera accidentally or corrupted / reformatted memory sticks.


Unknown said...

Well, I have no idea about the software that you have mentioned. But can say that, even I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. I had used another Data Recovery Software which successfully recovered all my data which I was looking for.