Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Flocks RSS Feed Folders

At long last I have started updating my website and my world of it blog, which are both well overdue a face lift and a bit of fresh content. As part of the process of deciding what I wanted to do with these spaces, I've been looking at lots of other interesting blogs and
website. Anyway, I decided pretty early on that I might as well add the rss feeds of the ones I found useful to the feeds tab in my browser as i went along. Pretty soon i'd got quite a selection, so I thought i'd better organised into folders to make finding them for a bit easier in the future.

Quite serendipitously, i discovered that flock deals with rss feeds in a really lovely way. If you have a number of feeds organised into a folder, it aggregates them for you. So when you click on a folder, you see all the entries from all of the sources within it sorted by date/time. This makes it really simple to see whats going on within that whole area, of course if you are interested in a specific feed, go can click on that particular feed and get just the data from that feed.

This may seem a really small thing, but like they say small things, please tiny minds, and i guess given the amount of time we all spend online these days, your choice of browser is a pretty personal thing. As far as i can tell explorer, firefox don't do this.


Anonymous said...

Being the media junky that I am I'm subscribed to around 250 feeds so a browser wouldn't cut it for me for RSS reading.

I've been using Bloglines ( for almost four years now and, to me, no other reader comes close. Not even Google Reader as the mobile version's terrible.

In terms of browsers though I could never switch from my beloved Firefox.

Unknown said...

good advice steve thanks, i haven't got to the 250 stage yet (with around 50) I actually just signed up to bloglines, for the simple reason that i have several computers and while flock is great on a single machne, it works on a machine by machine basis.

Flock is based on firefox, but has a few social media add ons built in, takes a little longer to load, but works well - give it a try sometime.