Saturday, 19 July 2008

Bridging the Tyne

I'm not sure that this blog is really the right place to talk about this project, (as it has no technology as such involved in it at all), but i'm going to write about it anyway, as its going on right outside my office.

For the past few weeks, a team of riggers (mainly from Australia) have been hard at work on the quayside in Newcastle / Gateshead, building a bridge out of bamboo. This bridge in some ways is a symbolic bridge, and i've heard Anna (the designer on the project) describe it as a bridge of aspiration. But its also a very real bridge, and its caused a bit of a stir, with mixed opinions as to what it's all been about, and whether its a thing of beauty or a blot on the landscape.
Admittedly during the day it seems a little light weight sitting next to the huge hulking steel creatures that are the tyne, swing, high level and millennium bridges, but last night (18th July) they lite it up with 400 fire pots and it looked stunning!

The bridge is only going to be up for 3 days during the Summer Tyne festival , but i'm sure its something that will live on in the memories of the people of Newcastle and Gateshead for a lot longer.

I've been privileged enough get to know some of the team and to spend some time on the site over the last few weeks, and i have thoroughly enjoyed it, so thanks guys! and also Thanks NGI, great project.