Thursday, 24 July 2008

Getting Satisfaction

One of the most frustration aspects of working in IT is that sometimes you just can't get a piece of hardware or software to work the way you want it to. Most of the time you can sort it out yourself, but sometimes , just sometimes you need to call someone and ask for help.

Nine times out of ten this means looking on the internet for a generic email address or calling a helpline, and then the fun really begins, you will be passed from pillar to post to find someone that can help you, and by the time you find the right person you have lost the will to live.

There are people out there though that do have the answers and are happy to help or that can pass your comments on to someone that can help...the problem is finding these people.

This is where get satisfaction comes in the site links users with questions, suggestions, ideas and suggestions to other users and to contacts within companies that can provide answers or point people in the right direction.

So far i have used the site about a dozen times, each time i've had a response to a problem or a reply to a suggestion within a couple of hours. In a couple of this cases, i got responses directly from the owner/creator the the service, and in somecases by suggestions for the services were implemented into future versions.

The service seems to work best with young and dynamic sites and services and technologies, and i can't help but think that the more it takes off the less useful it will become as more people asking questions means less access to the people that can help, but for now it seems t be working.

Next time you have to give a help desk a call and start to get frustrated with being put on holg again, give get sificfication a go, and see if it lives upto the name.