Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Flock 10.0.3 Released

Integrating my digital world got a step closer today, as the latest version of Flock the browser from the people at flickr released.

If you haven’t already seen flock, its a browser, that does a little more than browsing. It goes some way to bridging the gap between your desktop and the internet, managing access to media sharing sites and blogs so you can drag and drop right from the desktop to your website.

In the latest release they have added added a number of new little features like the people section and they’ve given the ‘my world‘ page a bit of a make over.

The people section mean that when you log into your favourite social network (like the ever popular facebook or twitter), your friends suddenly appear with quick links to actions and to allow you to send media (photos and movies) by dragging and dropping from the browser or your desktop. The top of the pane also lets you know how many new notifications and mails you have.

They have also enhanced the toolbar to show you when you have new messages or notifications from friends, as well as when you have new media or feeds to view.

Annoyingly though there are still a couple of things that don’t seem to gel, while i can log into with an open id, flock doesn’t seem to accept this and keeps telling me it failed, even when i’m not running magnolia (i guess that’s because its looking for new mail or content for me), it also mixed me up with another david and shows me his new bookmarks and profile when it logs in automatically. Consequently i’ve taken to logging in manually.