Thursday, 20 December 2007

What is Tafiti?

Tafiti is being described as search visualization, it combines the search capabilities of Live Search with the graphic power of Silverlight. The result is a search engine that not only fast, but intuitive to use and also quite nice to look at.

As with google searches you can sellect whether you want to see images, news feeds, websites but you also get the choice of seeing directory listings and rss feeds. You can also stack searches, so you can instantly swap between search results without having to re-search, there is also an area called the glass shelf where you can store sites , images and feeds that look interesting to look at later.
Tafiti also remembers you latest search results, and allows you to see them anywhere you log in with the same Windows Live account. Useful if you use the internet at home and at work or on the road.

Microsoft released the open source code for "Tafiti" today so developers can download the developer kit and utilize the i for one am looking forward to seeing where the technology goes.