Saturday, 15 December 2007

Microsoft Learning Programme

Having recently completed by CompTIA Security +, i decided i might be fun to study Sharepoint services 3 for my next professional certifications.

Sharepoint has been around a while now, and while I haven't used it much, I always thought it was quite a popular product and expected there to be plenty of training materials around.

This however was not the case, there are books like inside sharepoint and step by step sharepoint, but these books don't discuss deployment or maintenance which are covered in the exam. Similarly i couldn't find many blogs on the subject and there appear to be no practice exams available.

I managed to find a couple of video files after a quick google search, but these turned out to be for resellers only, so i couldn't view them.

In the end i went back to the microsoft learning site, having decided that the only option was going to purchase there e-learning course. To my surprise (and delight)i found they are currently offering a number of free subscriptions for their new server 2008 range and also to a selection of other technologies like sharepoint services, sql 2008, exchange 2007.

The e-learning packages come with an online viewer or downloadable off line viewer, audio, video and text based learning materials and sample test questions etc.
Well worth a look.

You will need a free windows account to log on and they seem to prefer the explorer browser, running on windows.